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Kavosh Pasand Novin (KAPS) was funded in 1995 to support research and scientific community of country with highest technology equipment, today, we are proud to use the experiences of 25 senior managers in the field of medical equipment and analytical laboratory equipment, provides you with a wide range of high-quality equipment, in the fields of surgical specialty and analytical laboratory.

KAPS provides you with a wide range of high-quality equipment for your laboratory and industry. Whether you need large essentials like LC/MS/MS, HPLC, AAS, ICP, IC, FTIR, Gas Generators (Nitrogen, hydrogen and air), freezers, ovens or an incubator, smaller tools like gas detectors (VOCs, TACs, SF6, Mercury and helium), microscopes, refractometers, polarimeters and water baths, or everyday bench items like glassware, spatulas and pH meters, you’ll be sure to find the necessary science equipment here.

We will supply you with all laboratory equipment and chemicals necessary for health and safety, pharmaceutical, water and wastewater analysis, food laboratory, cosmetic laboratory, mycotoxins, pesticide residue, heavy metals, raw materials and so on.

Following is a list of company that are exclusively represented by KAPS Novin:


Soring Logo

As a globally active company, Söring has been developing innovative high-tech products “Made in Germany” for almost all surgical disciplines and international markets for over 30 years. The excellent reputation of our absolutely reliable, high-performing coagulation and dissection systems is founded on an uncompromising quality assurance concept. From contact-free helium plasma coagulation up to Ultrasonic-Assisted Wound Debridement (UAW), we are continuously working on trendsetting solutions for medical advances, to the advantage of doctors and users and above all for the well-being of the patient.


raimund wenzler

Raimund Wenzler
For approximately the past 80 years, the Raimund Wenzler Instrumenten-Manufaktur has set an example for top quality and precision in the development and production of surgical instruments used in a multitude of medical applications: ENT, neurosurgery, laminectomy, gynecology, biopsy, laryngo-broncho esophagoscopy and bone surgery.
In addition to an extensive range of OEM products such as cutting rongeurs (including Micro Kerrison, Ferris Smith, Love Kerrison, Leksell and Sypert) and grasping forceps (such as alligator forceps and Hartmann polyp forceps), we offer customized solutions developed specifically to meet your needs. In the field of spinal surgery in particular we enjoy an excellent international reputation thanks to our instruments for implant insertion and minimally invasive surgery (MIS).



HeadFix is Micromar's Cranial Fixation System, allowing for the best positioning of the patient's head according to medical needs during the surgical procedure. This is an extremely versatile, resistant and practical piece of equipment that is compatible with most of the operating tables on the market. HeadFix was designed to allow easy fixation, done quickly and securely. It has the exclusive Twist System® device, offering 360° rotation, in addition to inclinations that provide a variety of fixation options. The pressure exerted on the patient's skull is indicated using a special torque meter, offering strength control and greater safety during the procedure. HeadFix has accessories for seated operation procedures and an exclusive hardware system with "pads" made of a resistant and extremely soft gel, making the patient comfortable and preventing long-term surgical complications.



As a medical company evonos develops, produces and distributes instruments, implants, equipment and system solutions for neurosurgery. Our products and services are designed to enable a reliable diagnosis of the health status of patients, to treat them minimally invasively and to improve their quality of life.
Single-Use-Perforators are available in eight versions: four different diameters each for thin and thick bone areas.


 jeil medical

Jeil medical
Jeil medical develop and produce medical device,
Quick, Safe and Stable fixation of cranial bone flaps to cranium with Simple and Easy application resulting in time and the cost savings


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